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Psicología Balanc3
Balanc3 - Salud Mental Integral

Psicología Balanc3

We are a team of psychologists highly trained to offer you a safe and collaborative space. We accompany you and provide you with the skills needed for your day to day life. 

Scientific vanguard

The techniques we use have broad scientific support, and they are all applied with a practical and dynamic approach.


 What makes us different 

"Our professionals are an expert co-driver to trust while you continue behind the wheel."

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Sara Rodriguez Clinic Director
CEO Sara Zangri
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The best care
from the very beginning

group therapy
Business plan

1. Initial digital assessment

2. Problems detection

3. Therapeutic Approach

Our initial digital assessment will help us identify your needs and problems, selecting the most appropriate areas of work in your case and the most effective therapeutic approach.

How can a psychologist focused on comprehensive mental health help you?

The role of the psychologist focused on comprehensive mental health is essential to address and improve emotional and psychological well-being. This branch of psychology focuses on treating the individual in a holistic way, considering not only the specific symptoms and disorders, but also the various dimensions of their life that can influence their mental health.

First, the psychologist helps identify and treat emotional and psychological problems, working with their patients to understand the underlying causes of their difficulties, providing a safe space to express their thoughts and feelings without judgement. This facilitates the understanding of emotions and the development of skills to manage stress, anxiety or depression.

In addition, external factors, such as interpersonal relationships, work environment and social conditions, and other factors that affect mental health are considered. The psychologist can help improve communication skills, foster healthy relationships, and provide strategies for coping with everyday challenges.

Prevention is also an essential aspect of comprehensive mental health care. The psychologist can work on promoting emotional well-being, teaching resilience and self-care techniques. By detecting potential problems early, long-term complications can be avoided.

The professional also works collaboratively with other clinicians to address overall health to help their patients lead fuller, more satisfying lives.

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Do you have any other questions?

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