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A team of experts you can trust

At Balanc3 we have a unique team of experts, made up of researchers and clinicians who have dedicated their lives to comprehensive mental health care.

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Our Approach

As researchers we know the theory, as clinicians we master the techniques, as a team we just want to help you flourish and prosper. 

Continuous improvement

Our team is constantly training and evolving, which allows us to offer you the latest advances in comprehensive health care.

Our formula

A revolutionary clinical method and an excellent team that guarantees success in all our interventions.

The People


Provide comprehensive mental health care, combining psychology, nutrition and physical activity.


We take advantage of all the technological potential to improve the accessibility and quality of our services, offering personalized and evidence-based solutions.


To be leaders in the field of comprehensive mental health, reaching corners where others do not reach and breaking barriers of stigma, becoming a world reference for the promotion of well-being and contributing to a more balanced and healthy society.


Comprehensive approach, accessibility, scientific rigor, work in multidisciplinary teams, excellence and quality.

Personalization, innovation and adaptability, professional ethics and honesty, person-centered care.

Active and empowered patient, authenticity, humanity and warmth and social impact.

balanc3 clinic directors
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