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  • What is a multidisciplinary plan?
    Our multidisciplinary plans combine psychology sessions with psychonutrition and psychotraining sessions to increase the effectiveness of our treatments. Thanks to our flexible vouchers, each person decides how to combine the different disciplines based on their needs and possibilities. For example, there are patients who start exclusively with psychology sessions, and after a while they decide to incorporate a psycho-nutrition and/or psycho-training plan to take the therapy to the next level and take care of their health in an integral way. Other patients start by combining the three areas to achieve better results in less time. There are also cases that only work in one area because the other components are well and are working actively independently.
  • Why work with a multidisciplinary approach?
    Cutting-edge research shows that mental health has a multifactorial nature, where psychological factors, nutrition, physical activity and the context of each person interact. For example, new paradigms in neuroscience suggest that the brain-gut-microbiota axis plays a key role in mental health, such that our diet and the way we eat influence our mood. Similarly, embodiment theories suggest that the way we move influences our cognition and emotions, with physical activity showing myriad benefits for mental health and well-being. The combination of these elements improves the effectiveness of the treatments, reduces the times and prevents relapses. For this reason, at Balanc3 we combine psychology, psychonutrition and psychotraining within our flexible plans that are adaptable to the needs of each person.
  • How long does the treatment last?
    The duration of treatments is variable and largely depends on the severity of symptoms and the patient's commitment to therapy and home practice. Despite this, research suggests that comprehensive and multidisciplinary work shortens treatment times and increases efficacy, also generating more lasting results and preventing relapses. In addition, at Balanc3 we promise not to lengthen treatments unnecessarily and we try to help our patients in the shortest possible time so that they can recover their autonomy and well-being.
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