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Psiconutrición Balanc3
Balanc3 - Salud Mental Integral

Psiconutrición Balanc3

We integrate the science of nutrition with psychology techniques to develop a healthy and sustainable relationship with food. We care not only about what you eat, but also how you feel about it, recognizing that eating habits involve emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

Feeding Habits

We know that eating habits are not just a matter of food choices, but also of emotions, thoughts and behaviors. 

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 What makes us different 

"Diets don't work. only the20% of people get keep changes tolong term»

psychologist Marta Moran

"Our professionals are an expert co-driver to trust while you continue behind the wheel."

Sara Rodriguez Clinic Director
CEO Sara Zangri
psychologist Pablo Roca
Marta Alonso psychonutrition


Balanc3 has a team of excellent psychology professionals who listen to your needs and create a bond that facilitates collaborative work in a safe space.

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the best care
From the beginning

group therapy
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1. Valuation
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2. Detection

3. Focus

We have an initial assessment that helps us to detect the most relevant problems and to choose, with data, the therapeutic approach, the professionals and the areas of work necessary for each person.

Why use a psychonutrition service?

Using a psychonutrition service can be a powerful strategy to improve the relationship with food and achieve comprehensive well-being. Psychonutrition combines nutrition knowledge with psychology, addressing not only the physical aspects of eating, but also the emotional and mental aspects that influence our eating habits and our overall health.

Psychonutrition helps us understand and change our eating behaviors. Eating habits are closely related to our emotions, stress and moods. A psychonutrition professional can help us identify negative and unbalanced patterns, such as emotional eating or eating disorders, and provide us with tools to change them in a healthy way.

Additionally, working with a psychonutritionist can help develop a more positive attitude toward food and our bodies. Encourage self-care and self-esteem by learning to appreciate food as a source of nourishment and pleasure, rather than a source of guilt or anxiety. This healthier perspective can lead to a more balanced and sustainable relationship with food in the long term.

Psychonutrition also allows us to address underlying problems that may be affecting our diet, such as negative body image or low self-esteem. By exploring these psychological aspects, we can resolve underlying issues and improve our quality of life.

Another advantage of the psychonutrition service is the personalization of the eating plan. Each individual is unique, and nutritional needs can vary based on factors such as gender, age, activity level, and medical conditions. A psychonutritionist will evaluate these factors and design a plan tailored to meet the specific needs of each person.

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Do you have any other questions?

We want to thank you for coming this far. Yeah We can help you take the first step, contact our team.

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