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Comprehensive Mental Health

A new clinical method to care for your psychosocial, nutritional, and physical well-being with the warmth of a dedicated team committed to identifying your needs.

Getting to know yourself, leads to concrete results

We provide a comprehensive vision of your mental health with state-of-the-art digital interventions and a clear visualization of your progress.

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Intervention areas

Cerebro Psicologia


We help you find the psychological balance you are looking for. Connect with your strengths and identify the factors involved in your cycles of distress

Psychonutrition nines with brain shape


Nutrition and psychology come together to help you change your relationship with food, promoting a balanced diet with the nutrients you truly need.

Psicoentrenamiento balanc3


We revolutionize your approach to training and caring for your body by combining psychology and sports physiotherapy, finding the right balance between motivation and enjoyment.

How are interventions in comprehensive mental health different from traditional ones?


We reduce treatment time by up to 50%, combining therapy sessions with digital tools.


We double the effectiveness per session, selecting the optimal treatment and professional for you.


 74% of people maintain the improvements in the long term (vs.29%), achieving long-lasting results.

Comprehensive mental health professional team
An expert team of clinicians and researchers

Our team includes psychologists with experience and specialized training in digital treatments, along with highly qualified nutritionists, dietitians, and experts in physical activity. The professionals work together as a team to help you achieve your goals with transparency and commitment.

Pink Sugar

Maria, S. 26 years

"I've been working with Marta Moran for a year, and we have created a collaborative space to tailor the therapy to my evolving needs. I highly recommend Balanc3 and their team of professionals!"

 What people say about us 

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We want to thank you for getting this far. If we can help you take the first step, contact our team.

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