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Psicoentrenamiento en Balanc3
Balanc3 - Salud Mental Integral

Psicoentrenamiento en Balanc3

We are a team of highly trained psychologists to offer you a safe and collaborative space. We accompany you and provide necessary skills for your day to day. Our scientifically backed techniques are applied dynamically for effective results.

scientific vanguard

The techniques we use have broad scientific support, and all are applied with a practical and applied dynamic approach.


 What makes us different 

"A lifestylesedentary increases by a30% risk of problems ofmental health»

psychologist Marta Moran

"Our professionals are an expert co-driver to trust while you continue behind the wheel."

Sara Rodriguez Clinic Director
CEO Sara Zangri
psychologist Pablo Roca
Marta Alonso psychonutrition


Balanc3 has a team of excellent psychology professionals who listen to your needs and create a bond that facilitates collaborative work in a safe space.

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the best care
From the beginning

group therapy
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1. Valuation
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2. Detection

3. Focus

We have an initial assessment that helps us to detect the most relevant problems and to choose, with data, the therapeutic approach, the professionals and the areas of work necessary for each person.

Why use psychotraining to improve physically?

Psychotraining is an innovative and effective strategy to physically improve and achieve optimal performance in various sports and fitness activities. This technique is based on the combination of sports psychology and physical training, recognizing the close connection between mind and body in achieving sports goals.

First of all, psychotraining helps boost motivation and discipline. Physical goals require effort and dedication, and sometimes obstacles may arise that divert us from the path. By working with a psycho-coach, we can strengthen our mindset, foster perseverance, and stay focused on our goals, which encourages us to keep going even in difficult times.

In addition, psychotraining addresses anxiety and stress that can arise before and during sports practice. Anxiety can negatively affect physical performance by interfering with concentration and generating muscle tension. Through stress and anxiety management techniques, such as mindful breathing and positive visualization, we can reduce these effects and improve athletic performance.

The aspect of self-confidence is also fundamental in psychotraining.


Believing in our physical and mental abilities allows us to overcome obstacles and take on new challenges with determination. A psycho-coach can work on strengthening self-confidence, helping us to develop a positive attitude towards our achievements and abilities.

Concentration and attention are crucial aspects to improve physically. Psychotraining offers techniques to maintain concentration during sports practice, improving the quality of training and favoring the learning of new skills.

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